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Enter the search term "I believe that we will win." Click on the second video.Watch: Yes, that's "I believe that we will win," the Utah State student section's pregame chant. I could watch it 10 more.)Tipster Mids was curious: Is this chant spreading, "Zombie Nation"-like, across the country? The majority of the videos on You Tube are of Utah State's student section; some are higher quality than others, but all of them are impressive.It’s the coordination of several thousand people to make a very basic, easy-to-understand point.In war, in peace, and in completely inconsequential stuff like sports, we always need to be heard.During the fourth quarter of Thursday night's NFL season opener, New England Patriots fans taunted Roger Goodell with a hilarious "Where is Roger? Goodell decided not to show up to the opener after fighting all summer to defend his suspension of Tom Brady for the Deflategate scandal.The legal battle ended with a federal judge ruling to put the star quarterback into the game — and the fans at Gillette Stadium were sure to tell Goodell, and everyone watching on TV, that they stood on Brady’s side.

Sixth man clubs originated in college basketball, where deep crowds of students assemble to chant for their team.They declined to say whether disciplinary action had been taken against the pupils involved, citing privacy policy.When you go to a sporting event, you're bound to hear at least one chant.Quality sixth man squads attend home and away games to support their team.These student sections are strong parts of the game experience, and run the gamut from the Duke's infamous Cameron Crazies to the University of Illinois' altruistic Orange Krush.

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“We at Perry High School acknowledge and are aware of the fact that people are entitled to their own political views and that they are to be respected, but when a name is chanted in a racial manner and used to intimidate us is when the line is drawn.” The chants have been heard in four recent matches, the letter added. Perry had the last laugh, winning the game 57-50, with some players saying the taunts served to motivate them.

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