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As the duo cosy up under the duvet, Sue becomes annoyed by the noises Sam and Ellie are making as they smooch and is quick to tell the pair to stop. can you lot go somewhere else and do your snogging?

Seriously, it's very strange in hear.''We don't wanna hear that sort of stuff,' she continues. The lip locking, smacking scenario - it's very strange for us darlings.'In between kisses, Ellie insists that she is heading back into the other bedroom, telling Sue she will leave 'in a minute'.

When it was revealed that her secret was in fact that she had been badly bullied at school, Chanelle screeched: ‘I feel like a right weirdo.

I was called ugly all through school but whatever I’m now on Big Brother!

This was made more effective by introducing 2 minute cardio burnout.

Since their addition, Sam has been enjoying an in-house romance with Ellie, but their PDAs become a little too much for Sue.’The housemate who had cheated on all their exes was in fact quiet American Raph, who came over all emotional as he explained his story.‘There’s nothing I can say to justify it’, he sobbed. Later, she was left in tears when her housemates guessed she was most likely to have cheated on every partner she’s been with...Christianity Being a member of the pop rock band band in 2005, he already released his debut album titled Nicholas Jonas in September 2005.His older brothers are also featured on some of the songs. Nick revealed in an interview given to Men’s Fitness about his workout schedule and diet plan.

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