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Portions of this addendum may not fully reflect the current ADA regulations.

The regulation implementing title II of the ADA was revised as recently as 2016.

This list is meant to be of use to folk who are new to the SCA, but may be useful for folk who have been around awhile as well.

There are a lot of terms used in the SCA that are sometimes confusing to people.

From: Rosalie Shouse To: Doc Riojas Subject: Robert "Bob" Shouse passed away Friday 15 April 2016 I have some very bad news, My Bob has passed away Friday. He fell and hit very hard on the a concrete stone at the V. He will rest at the VA hospital Cemetery and one half of his ashes will be sent to sea at the museum in Fort pierce, Fla. love Rosalie Hello Folks, At long last Ive published the third book in my Indomitable Patriot series, The Indomitable Patriot: the Submariners. The USS Great White (SS-299) has just put an OSS team ashore in the Philippines and has gone hunting for Japanese tonnage to sink. He then took advanced diving training with mixed gas; in 1968 he graduated from the US Army Airborne Training at Fort Benning Georgia and two survival schools including "JEST" (Jungle Environment Survival Training).

He damaged his brain because of the severe bleeding and in several hours he passed away. We have had several guys in the Teams Distinguish with the Rifle and Pistol and a couple Double Distinguish.. John volunteered for duty with the Underwater Demolition Teams and underwent the training during 1967-1968.

I am more than willing to accept comments/corrections from those in other Kingdoms, as well as terms or variants of terms that may be in use elsewhere that may not be used in the West.

If interested in looking further, just click this link and as-if by magic you will be transported to Amazon and the books listing. James Fisher, A Wilmington native and Salesianum graduate is about to become the top commanding officer of the Navy SEALs. The Navy Times reported Tuesday that Szymanski has also been the deputy commander of the storied and secretive SEAL Team Six. Tom Boyhan John Roat Arles Nash Larry Theordine Bill Holloway Tom holloway Moki Martin Art Streeter Dean Cummings Bill Goines Moki Martin Phillip Gardner howe III REAR ADMIRAL P GARDNER HOWE, III ASSISTANT COMMANDING OFFICER, JOINT SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND Rear Adm. He was commissioned in 1984 following his graduation from the United States Naval Academy. Names and ranks are per Vietnam-era documents I hold; should be accurate. Now we are really lucky to get five and usually have just three or four that meet due to deaths and the loss of mobility.

This was done with a great hue and cry so that any fighter who was willing could give pursuit.

They would then fight what was effectively a challenge match to free the abductee(s).

The ridge first attracted military interest during the Spanish-American War, when the mountains were discovered to form an excellent background for artillery firing. Mc Clellan was also the Governor of New Jersey from 1878-1881.

The War Department formally established Camp Mc Clellan on July 18, 1917. Although it is unusual for a Southern fort to be named for a Northern general, there are strong indications that Mc Clellan's name was a logical choice.

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