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Fans of the talented star are hitting up the internet searching for terms like, “Chanel West Coast birthday,” “Chanel West Coast boyfriend,” “Chanel West Coast wiki,” “Chanel West Coast age,” “Chanel West Coast dating Rob Dyrdek,” “Is Chanel West Coast transgender?”, and “Chanel West Coast Bikini.” So, don’t go anywhere else, because we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Chanel West Coast right here.

As a child, she split her time between Hollywood, where her mother lived and New York, where her father resides. The new girls are nervous and scared to reach out to you, so be a new friend for them — no pressure. So don’t try to impress someone by molding to their likes and dislikes — just do you like you have been doing you for your last 20 (plus or minus) years on Earth (and you’ve been killing it, by the way). A fuller stomach makes for a more well-deserved laugh. Let them know what the sorority has given to you — make them feel the love. Last year, Chanel was arrested in an altercation at a Hollywood nightclub, and was arrested after fighting with security guards.If you’re wondering what Chanel West Coast’s net worth is, it is estimated to be around 0,000.

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Dyrdek asked the Genie character to grant him three wishes -- the final one was a gift that would show Flores that his love for her is forever.

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