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It talks to itself all night, like a sliding moonlit sea. At dawn, where the ocean has netted its catch of lights, The sun plants one lithe foot On that spill of mirrors, but the blood goes worming through Its warm Arabian nights, Naming your pounding name again in the dark heart-root. Anyway, I should want you to know I have done my best, As I'm sure you have, too.

Others are bound to us, the gentle and blameless Whose names are not confessed In the ceaseless palaver.

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Ooh, ooh Saw you in the street one day Walking up to you, wanted just to say baby Instantly you looked the other way You grabbed the lady's hand And you kissed the head of her little man Started thinkin' should I blow him up?

If you have convinced yourself that his family would never come to know about it, think again.My dearest, the clear unquaried blue Of those depths is all but blinding.You may remember that once you brought my boys Two little woolly birds.So I came up with the idea of posting songs and or poetry that give advice and or inspire regarding that thang called love. But for what it's worth, this is probably the most haunting love poem I've ever read: -- , by Anthony Hecht I have been wondering What you are thinking about, and by now suppose It is certainly not me.But the crocus is up, and the lark, and the blundering Blood knows what it knows.

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