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It's as simple as scrolling forward to find something you want to view later in the day, support programming up 7 days in the past, as well as in the future.You View has been available for several years and has about 2 million active users currently.Many will be getting You View from BT or Talk Talk TV packages, but the deal with Sony is the first time it has rolled out on mass scale to a manufacturer's televisions.You View says that its platforms contains about 17,000 programmes in all, and that's spread across live Freeview HD channels and catch-up programming.Rovi-supplied guides have been available in CE products from manufacturers including Hitachi, LG Electronics, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung Electronics, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony Electronics, Toshiba and RCA.Sony has pushed out its update for 2015 Bravia televisions running on Android TV, bringing with it the new You View experience.You View is a TV platform that aims to seamlessly integrate live TV services with the UK's catch-up offerings.

According to Rovi, its over-the-air TV listings have already been discontinued in about 20% of markets in North America.

In 2009, Gemstar-TV Guide International -- one of Rovi’s predecessor companies -- cut a deal with CBS, under which its local stations distributed the data for the on-screen guides to CE devices using a portion of their broadcast digital spectrum.

Rovi also has had a contract with NDI to distribute IPG data over digital broadcast signals.

First, note that we no longer have listings for all channels now, just the major broadcast stations.

Secondly, programming information now goes less than 24 hours out.

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