Symantec endpoint protection manager 11 x not updating virus definitions

Also, I'm running into a weird issue where the client says it's being managed and it's connected to the right server, but the management console isn't seeing it. Not knowing what versions you are using, I can only speculate based on our own experience.

In fact it isn't seeing any of the Mac clients that have SEP on them. In our environment we are still on SEP 11 reporting in to a SEPM console.

Norton Anti Virus defends your PC against detected viruses, spyware, bots, worms, and more while minimising the performance impact or getting in your way.

The improved Norton Protection System features multi-layered protection technologies that work together to proactively block attacks and detect and remove threats before they can harm your PC.

Network speeds measured using the iperf utility shows a similar speed degradation of 4 times, 350 Mb/sec vs 1400 Mb/sec.

To simplify and exclude all extraneous factors we performed file transfer and network speed test where all VMs are hosted on the same VMware ESXi virtualization hosts (Version ESXi 5.1.0 Build 1117900).

VMs with all features of SEP installed have file transfer speed of about 30 MB/sec vs 120 MB/sec with no SEP installed.All those products use SONAR, Symantec's behavioral-based malware detection software.The faulty update was a malware-definition update, which adds to the library of known malware, not a software update.Put together an anti-virus update, new-fangled encryption technology and a 11-year-old operating system, and what do you get?Security giant Symantec admitted Friday (July 13) that updates pushed out to several of its software products two days earlier had caused computers running Windows XP to crash and display the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death." "On July 11th, 2012 Symantec Security Response started receiving reports of customers experiencing blue screens after applying the July 11th revision 18 definitions," wrote Orla Cox of Symantec Security Response in a blog posting.

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I'll start working on something unless someone else has a better idea than parsing all of the files and getting the most recent date.

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