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They are also on the front cover of the November issue. So, for the next two and a half years I was going with three girls named Sandy, Mandy and Brandi. HEFNER: They all lived with me and that was like bad fiction but it worked very well and I think from... HEFNER: From there Brandi got an offer to do "Baywatch Hawaii" so she left and it just kind of grew from that then into at one point a couple, three years ago, seven girlfriends.

The reality show is "The Girls Next Door" and those girls are with us. And, within the space of about two, three months, I met an actress named Brandi Roderick (ph) and a couple of weeks after that a pair of twins from Chicago, Sandy and Mandy Bentley.

She also changed her My Space romantic status to read, "in a relationship."Andrews is "a lovely girl," Hefner told E!

last month, adding, "I think we will be spending time together ...

"He would expect you to be at home, say, at or 6," she said. Thursdays and Saturdays, clubbing with his bevy of seven girlfriends.

His portrait looms; it’s from the 70s; he’s dressed as Henry VIII. Brande, who went to join the cast of ” Don Adams sings. The men in his library are staring at golf.“When we first started hanging around with Hefner,” says Skip Krask, a doughy former nightclub owner from Chicago, “we used to talk about girls. nightclub popular among 20-year-olds.“You are that rare thing in civilization,” Adams says wryly, “an intelligent man who is happy.”Hef cocks his good ear.

The men are hunched around a backgammon coffee table, waiting for Hef to appear. “But now he calls sex ‘the garbage.’”Hef’s last set of girlfriends, “Brande, Sandy, Mandy, and Jessica” (Sandy and Mandy were twins), all moved out of the Mansion as of August 2000. Hef called Kimberley his “Playmate for a Lifetime.”“I’d been looking for love in all the wrong places,” he told reporters.

(Over the years, Hef's stable of live-in lovers has waxed and waned, with seven apparently being about what he can handle.

At times it is has been smaller, as when Hef dated a tight-knit trio consisting of a Brande and twins named Mandy and Sandy.) Hefner has worked hard to portray his lifestyle as one of perpetual play, in which he figures as a sort of benevolent daddy to a happy troop of never-aging, nearly interchangeable, constantly cavorting girls.

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